LED4M Lighting Calculator App

Exclusive Application

User-Friendly Lighting Calculation

  1. Possible to give the best offers according to the environmental details as humidity, temperature, etc.
  2. Suitable to use to obtain convenient lighting fixtures according to the variety of usage as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, General, Outdoor, Sport places, etc.
  3. Designed to calculate the appropriated fixtures according to the Size, wattage, Lumen, CRI, Beam Angle, IP Class, etc.
  4. Easy to locate the height and correct angle based on environment characteristic Parameters.
  5. Complete technical details of LED Lights items.
  6. Compatibility of calculating the electricity cost based on local fees.
  7. Possible to calculate the maintenance costs according to offered or selected items.
  8. Possibility to introduce the best choice according to the required daily usage of selected items.
  9. Convenient to use for calculating all environmental lighting parameters.

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LED4M Lighting Calculator App
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